As many of us know, Tommy Bahama stands for “Florida style”.  This brand can encompass everything from beach-inspired furniture in your home to even weddings.  

Hudson’s Furniture represents this brand very well as a family-owned business and with over 17 locations throughout Florida.  Hudson’s is one of the largest dealers of Tommy Bahama Home and Outdoor furniture.

According to Tommy Bahama, their company mission is simple: “To inspire the world to relax.”  They take their mission very seriously.

They love that people invite them into their living room, bedroom and kitchens.

Here some ways the brand pairs so nicely with the Sunshine State.

Florida is the Focus

There is more than one aspect to Florida which includes the weather, culture and years of Florida traditions.

Goldberg the Executive Vice President of Tommy Bahama says:  

“When I think about Florida consumers, many have a second home and might be spending just part of the year (there),” Goldberg said. “That will influence home design, which focuses on creating living space that doesn’t necessarily reflect the need to commute to work every day.”

Highlighting Tropical Elements

Demographics have always fueled an evolution in Florida’s design. Say goodbye to pink flamingos and aqua-colored highlights. 

Florida’s modern design, mirrored by Tommy Bahama’s furniture lines, exude a classic tropical beauty coupled with an understated modernity.

“I’ve seen this evolution over the years. Where we once would see coral used for an entire couch, that color is now finding favor in piping, as throw pillows or as a coral rug,” said Goldberg, describing the changing climate of Florida’s interior design.

Tommy Bahama influences come from British Colonial and Pan-Asian design, more of a high-end look makes for a very tied together theme in a room. The Island Estates collection brings classic sculpted furnishings and pairs them with plantation finishes for a Caribbean feel.

Designs that Constantly Evolve

Goldberg emphasized that change is always part of the picture, just as it is in Florida.

“Like any trend, tropical comes and goes — but never goes away. For example, if a Bohemian trend happens to be popular, we can put a tropical, coastal or island twist on that theme.”

“Design is design, whether involving architecture, garments or motor vehicles,” Goldberg said. “All share the same principles of color, pattern and shape — and they’re always in a state of constant flux. You’re never going to be done because it keeps changing.”

For one of the widest selections of Tommy Bahama designs, from furniture collections to inspired accents, come into any Hudson’s Furniture location and find Tommy Bahama’s full home furnishings line at the best prices guaranteed.