Doris Denney | Ormond Beach

I was born in New Jersey. I am from a large family of 12, saying that we learned to be independent and to work hard to improve our lives. I was emancipated at the age of 15, received my GED at 16.

I have 2 beautiful daughters that are living their best lives.

I have been in the Fashion industry for over 30 years before coming to Hudson’s Furniture. I have been a store manager, a regional manager and recruiter.

So being in the fashion industry, began my love of colors and fashion which has helped me to be successful with Hudson’s Furniture. Furniture is fashion and accessories is the rest of the outfit.

I was also a district manager in the vision field, I was a licensed Optician. This was a job I had enjoyed very much.

I have lived all over the Great states of the United States, I have also lived in Portugal and Japan.

I started with Hudson’s Furniture in Feb. of 2014. I knew nothing about furniture and nothing about commission sales. I had grown my knowledge quickly by reading all the vendors catalogs, also the price guides(have a lot of info in them as well). I would come in early every day to update my product knowledge. When mentoring a new sales associate my motto is to learn where to find the answers.

I accepted the Design Manager position in November of 2023. I still have a lot to learn in this new position and want to help the Ormond Location to be the Best it can.

When working with a client I stress the point to my client that I work for them! I find that this helps break the common barriers that a client may have. This grows the trust in the relationship with the client.

Doris Denney

Design Manager

Phone: (386) 673-9619

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