Florida’s sunny shores and vibrant lifestyle inspire many to revamp their living spaces. But often, the desire for a fresh look clashes with the reality of a tight budget. Enter Hudson’s Furniture, a Florida-based treasure trove for those dreaming of a home makeover without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Hudson’s Furniture for Your Redesign?

1. Unbeatable Closeout Deals: Hudson’s Furniture offers an ever-changing array of closeout deals. These are not just end-of-line items; they’re quality pieces from renowned brands. Whether you’re looking for a coastal chic sofa, a modernist dining table, or a cozy bedroom set, Hudson’s Closeouts section has something that will transform your space and save you money.

2. Free Interior Design Services: What sets Hudson’s apart is their complimentary interior design service. This isn’t just advice on what to buy; it’s a comprehensive design consultation tailored to your unique style, space, and budget. Their experienced designers help you choose the right pieces, layout, and color schemes, ensuring your home reflects your personal taste and Florida’s unique aesthetic.

How to Make the Most of Hudson’s Furniture Services

Plan Your Visit: Check Hudson’s online inventory to get an idea of what’s available, but remember, the best deals are often in-store. Plan a visit to one of their Florida locations to see the range of options available.

Consult with Design Experts: Utilize their free design services. Whether you have a clear vision or no idea where to start, their experts can guide you. They can work with your existing pieces, suggest new additions, or help you start from scratch.

Keep an Open Mind: Be open to suggestions. Sometimes the best finds are unexpected. Hudson’s experts are skilled at matching unique pieces to your personal style, often with surprising and delightful results.

Embracing Florida’s Lifestyle in Your Home Design

Florida’s lifestyle is all about blending indoor and outdoor living, embracing natural light, and adding tropical touches. Hudson’s Furniture understands this and offers pieces that reflect the state’s sunny disposition. Think bright colors, light fabrics, and materials like wicker and rattan that bring a bit of the outdoors inside.


Redesigning your home in Florida doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. With Hudson’s Furniture Closeouts and their free interior design service, you can bring a fresh, Floridian flair to your home without stretching your budget. Visit Hudson’s Furniture today and start the journey to your dream home makeover.