We’ve always known that fresh air is essential to our wellbeing, and this has never been truer than in the past 18 months or so. In this article, we’ll take a look at the trend for bringing the outdoors inside.


In 2021, natural wood flooring is making a resurgence. Living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens can all benefit from this beautiful type of flooring which can add a breath of fresh air to the home. Wood and parquet flooring is available in a wide range of shades and styles to help you to put your own, unique stamp on your flooring.


Trellis style wooden shelving is a fantastic way of showcasing ornaments while adding a unique and outdoorsy look to a room. Best of all, these shelving units are extremely affordable and easy to clean.

Add a Unique Table

Many of us have had to forgo our vacations this year, however, a vintage trunk used as a coffee table adds a romantic note to a living room (and also provides some handy storage space). Stake out your local antique and thrift stores to find some great bargains – and don’t be afraid to get creative with decorating these to match your decor.

Going out out

Needless to say, our yards have become our havens in recent times. As a result, lots of us have been switching up our yard furniture. Combining comfort with style, outdoor furniture is now available in some realistic faux wood tones as well as some great, super modern styles to make those BBQs ultra-glamorous affairs.


We’ve all had to adapt to some changes over the last couple of years, but it’s given us a chance to reconsider our homes. The outdoorsy look breathes new life into our homes and is really easy to maintain and to switch up according to the season. Don’t forget to have a little fun with your decor – check out local stores as well as online outlets to find unusual and vintage items to give your home a touch of the outdoors.