As seen in the latest fashion weeks, the check pattern will not only be seen in fall-winter clothing but also in upholstery furniture pieces. Checks make for an elegant element for interior design trends 2021.

Here you can see the subtle injection of the checked chair and how it seamlessly flows into the overall design scheme.

With this crisp and modern design, you can see how the hounds’ tooth chairs play effortlessly off of the black and white patterned rug.

Spice up your dining room. The trestle table was dressed with a pair of wing chairs in a Buffalo Plaid which set off beautifully against the soft wood tones in the room.


This antique classy french look will meet with contemporary design. In this fall winter trend, it consists of the prevalence of some classical features, whether in furniture design or architecture mixed with today’s design trends, because classy never goes out of style.

Here is an example of how a soft monochromatic color palette is accentuated by the thick baseboard, opulent crown molding, and intricate ceiling detail. The warmth comes from the use of the wood table top and quilting on leather dining chairs.

Deeper Shades of Green

Green will definitely be the top color trend for fall 2021, starting this season already. Not only does it relate to mother nature, it also brings a sense of well-being to interiors. In this fall winter trend, a gradient of deep green shades will be standing out almost everywhere. A new fall trend chic look.

Here is an example of how a very modern design is accented with a green picture wall that creates a grounding earthy affect.

Take it to the bath. Here in this spa evoking bathroom, the evergreen colored subway tiles climb the wall, creating height and drama. Notice how the designer complimented the green with subtle hints wood tones.

Mixed-Texture Interiors

A well-being design trend that connects natural senses to human. Having different textures in interiors aids in promoting a satisfying lifestyle.

Here is an example of how this design trend can be done in a soft and subtle way. Notice the mix of feathers, fur, wool, and more. Collectively they create a highly designed fashionable look.

Nature Inspired Colors

Earthy and darker shades set this trend. They’re also warmer colors for interiors, and beyond that, these shades are a symbol of sustainability, an even more important lifestyle trend.

In this sophisticated sitting area you can see how using this deep blush toned velvet chair against a soft creamy white wall has created a very calming and intimate area.

Silver Finishes

Cold, but powerful! Silver finishes were spotted throughout major fashion houses during runways for this season’s fall and winter fashion trends. Minimal elegance that upgrades any interior.

Here you can see how silver has been used sporadically throughout this dining room in the chandelier and wall decor which provides an air of sophistication and glamour. Silver isn’t limited to just metals. Notice how the chrome finishes on the occasional chairs are accentuated by the mirrors in the niches. Mirrors are another great option to bring in that silver element.